Robert Patel  |  President & CEO  (click for bio)

Robert Patel | President & CEO
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Nina Patel   |  COO  (click for bio)

Nina Patel  | COO
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Roshan Patel  |  CDO    (click for bio)

Roshan Patel | CDO
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Elsa Martinez  |  RDO  (click for bio)

Elsa Martinez | RDO
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Dolores Chavez  | Regional Director of Rooms

Dolores Chavez | Regional Director of Rooms

Tes Gregory  | Associate Director of Strategic Sales

Tes Gregory | Associate Director of Strategic Sales

Jordan Slauter  | Sales Manager

Jordan Slauter | Sales Manager

JR Blackwell  | Regional Facilities Manager

JR Blackwell | Regional Facilities Manager